Strategic Staffing: Soft Skills to Look for in Top Talent

Ask any manager or supervisor and they will tell you – job responsibilities for both contingent workers and permanent employees are becoming more and more complex. Industrial workers need to have more communication skills, distribution employees need to be able to work with a diverse team and administrative assistants need to be able to manage Read more »

What to Listen for in a Candidate’s Elevator Pitch

Imagine you’re a candidate, waiting to interview for the job of your dreams. Suddenly, you’re asked to give an elevator pitch. You have 30 seconds to say who you are, why you’re here and what makes you a great fit for this job opening. A candidate’s elevator pitch is often more revealing than their resume. Read more »

How Much is Turnover Costing You?

Frequent turnover is an expense no employer can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it comes during a busy time in a plant, warehouse or manufacturing facility. In these companies, turnover can stall or even halt important work, impacting your bottom line and damaging your reputation. Sinking productivity When an employee Read more »

How to Overcome the Top Hiring Challenges Facing Employers

Even though the economy is on a steady incline, many employers are still facing significant staffing challenges. Some companies are trying to regain the ground they lost during the recession, while others are dealing with a market flooded with job seekers. This means that many human resources teams have to sift through numerous candidates before Read more »

Strategic Staffing: Tips to Cut Your Hiring Costs

Businesses succeed by harnessing creative, inventive ways to progress and grow. All businesses, especially light industrial and manufacturing companies, must learn to play smart and discover ways to utilize every resource that can boost that bottom line. You will quickly discover that a lot of time and money can be spent in the hiring process, Read more »

Ending the “Perfect Hire” Mentality

The search for the perfect candidate – where does it usually end? Mostly, in disappointment. Similar to the perfect boss or the perfect business, the perfect hire is something that rarely exists. While it is important to search until you find the right person, waiting until you come across the ideal job seeker may mean Read more »

Building Employee Loyalty

Frequent turnover is an expense few employers can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it comes at the loss of a good employee. It’s up to you and your managerial staff to keep your workers engaged and excited about their jobs. Keeping your employees motivated and satisfied will help them deepen Read more »

Outdated Job Search Advice You May Still be Following

When you’re on the job hunt, everyone is full of advice. From your grandfather telling you to wear your best suit, to your best friend making you promise to avoid telling any of your famous jokes. Just about everyone you know will have some vital “do or don’ts” to share. Job seekers know that sometimes Read more »

Strategic Staffing: How to Identify a Skills Gap on Your Team

The workplace is an ever-evolving organism. As the products and services your company provides shift over time, so do the skills you need from your workers. Whether they are permanent staff or temporary employees, you need them to be able to meet the demands of the customer and the workforce. The sustainability of your business Read more »

Onboarding a Contingent Workforce

The first day on the job is one of the most important days, for both permanent employees and contingent hires. Your temporary employees have the same hopes and expectations that your regular hires also have – a rewarding work experience that gives them an opportunity to expand and grow professionally. That means it is just Read more »