The Importance of Feedback

As the boss, your employees look to you for guidance. You might not realize it, but your words hold a lot of weight. People really respect your opinion, so giving constant feedback to your team is incredibly beneficial. Your employees want to do great work, but they’re not mind readers. When you make a habit Read more »

Is Your Resume Recruiter-Ready?

Your resume is the key to a successful job search. The first impression you’ll make on a hiring manager, if it doesn’t properly highlight your value, you won’t land an interview. Consequently, you need to make sure it’s flawless before applying to a job. Tailoring your resume for each opportunity is a must, but get Read more »

Motivate Your Team

You have a great staff at your company, but lately, they haven’t been working at their full potential. Productivity has started to take a hit, so you need to do something fast to get them to back in full swing. Chances are, you’re probably feeling frustrated with your team, but punishing them for their lack Read more »

Should You Practice Your Interview Skills?

Your performance in a job interview will make or break your chances of getting hired. Since the stakes are so high, you should never leave it to chance. Participating in mock interviews is a great way to hone your skills, so you’re able to put your best self forward on the big day. Whether you Read more »

Help Employees Succeed With S.M.A.R.T. Goals

As a manager, it’s your job to help your employees learn, grow and thrive. You’re no stranger to setting goals to push them toward their full potential, but even those made with the best of intentions often fall by the wayside. Standard goals are often vague in nature, creating ample room for interpretation. This doesn’t Read more »

Can You WOW on a Phone Interview?

Conducting on-site job interviews requires a lot of time and money, so many employers use a phone screening for the first round. This is a quick way to narrow a long list of candidates down into a smaller group of those most qualified for the position. Due to the seemingly relaxed nature of the interview, Read more »

Evaluating Candidates on Potential

Managing a hiring process isn’t easy, so when you find a candidate with all the right skills, it’s tempting to offer them the job on the spot. This might save you time in the short term, but if the person isn’t right for your team, it will create headaches almost immediately. In today’s workplace, on-the-job Read more »

Didn’t Get the Job? Learn From Experience

It doesn’t feel great when you’re not chosen for a job you really wanted. Going through the interview process, learning about the job and meeting people you would be working alongside is exciting, so it’s only natural to get your hopes up. You didn’t get the outcome you wanted this time, but you did gain Read more »

Encourage Employees to Make Mistakes

No one is perfect, but employees at many companies live in fear of making a mistake. They’ve seen what happens to co-workers when they slip up, and they don’t want to face the same fallout. The thing is, mistakes can be a good thing. This might sound crazy, but as long as no one gets Read more »

How Can You Position Yourself for Success?

Scoring the job you want requires a great deal of time and effort. Many candidates think submitting a well-written, tailored resume is all it takes, but that’s just a small part of it. You’ll get from your job search exactly what you put into it, so give it your all. Put yourself out there and Read more »