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When it comes to why to work for Malone, we believe our talent says it best.

“I enjoy working for Malone because we have great supervisors that work with you on almost anything and help as much as possible to make the work environment enjoyable. I love seeing smiling faces and good attitudes. Every day is a new day with new challenges.” – Amiee Brooks

“Malone offered insurance for both me and my family. The competing staffing agencies could not, so I chose Malone. I knew after the first week of choosing Malone I had made the right choice, the Malone representatives were great!” – Angela Pike

“I like working for Malone because they send you on great job assignment, and the staff are always available to help me when needed.” – Tamika Townsend

“I am writing to give thanks to Genesa Peterson and Malone. Genesa and Malone gave me the opportunity to work at CLARCOR in Jeffersonville, IN. In less than a year I went from temporary to supervisor. So if you have any doubts about working through Malone, I am proof positive that you can succeed through them. Thanks Genesa and Malone.” – Robert Laffoon

"Malone is great! The staff quickly found me a job where I could have a great future with good pay and benefits. Becky and Lori are friendly and always available to help when I need anything. I have referred several of my friends to Malone and they like it too." -– William Johnson

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“I enjoy working for Malone Healthcare because they are so flexible with my busy schedule. The office staff is always warm and welcoming, and I am able to concentrate on one-on-one patient care.” -– Melissa Knauer

“I like working for Malone Healthcare not only because it has helped me grow as a nurse but I truly feel like I am part of a great nursing team. I am a mother of 3 and Malone has helped me continue my nursing career with a flexible schedule so I can spend quality time with my family. I encourage any nurse looking for flexibility with great pay to join the Malone Healthcare team.” – Mary Jo Durbin RN

“I have been a nurse for seven years. In all my years working I have never been associated with a more caring, diligent hard working organization. The staff knows my needs as a worker and they fight hard for me to help me achieve my personal goals. I would recommend Malone to anyone. They truly are the best.” – Jeremiah Hogland, RN

“I have been working for Malone Healthcare for about 4 years. I have really enjoyed working for Malone. They have the most caring and sweet office staff. They are very proficient with the staffing of cases and schedules. Any time I have ever had a question about anything they are very quick to respond. They ensure their patients and staff are taken care of. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to them because I know they will ensure the best possible care.” – Stephanie Allgeier -RN

“When I came to the office I was met by Rachel King with this huge smile and a great personality. She placed me on a temporary assignment that lead to me being hired full time in a management role. I am so thankful for the people at Malone, especially Rachel King. I will forever be thankful to Malone and will recommend your company to everyone.” – Dennis Fulton

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