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Travel Nursing provides a sense of flexibility for both the nurse who chooses this career path, as well as the medical facility who utilizes the service to better serve its patients. At Malone, we develop our travel nurse staffing plan according to the needs of the organization while focusing on the career goals of our nursing talent.

Hospitals and medical facilities utilize Malone’s travel nurses for a variety of reasons including coverage for staffing shortages, opening new locations, disaster relief and more. For more than ten years, Malone Healthcare Solutions has provided highly customized nurse staffing solutions to our diverse clientele, including providing travel nurse talent to medical facilities across the United States.

Realizing that delivering patient care knows no boundaries, we offer communities and hospitals access to exceptional nursing staff regardless of their geographic location. Through our deep pool of specialized travel nursing talent, we can provide continuous, superior patient care to medical facilities throughout the US.

Why choose Malone Healthcare Solutions?
  • We’ve been providing medical staffing solutions for nearly 40 years.
  • We have a superior project management team to reduce the burden on internal resources.
  • We have an industry leading fill time which allows your organization to continue to provide exceptional care, without disruption.
  • We can provide nurse staffing solutions for any duration you need.
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Why Choose Talent Nursing as a Career?
Some nurses are looking for adventure, while others enjoy meeting individuals from different cultures and geographies as they broaden their experience. Regardless of your career goal, Malone Healthcare Solutions can assist you.

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