Shane M. Young, Human Resource Manager, Kamic Corporation

I would like to share with you the knowledge and high respect that I have for Malone Staffing. First, if you are looking for an agency to employ your company with the best candidates possible then Malone Staffing would be a great gift to you. Next, Malone Staffing works very hard to make sure that they satisfy their clients in a timely manner. I have used several agencies in the past, and Malone has gone above and beyond to meet our expectations and to keep us happy here at Kamic Corporation. I have noticed that other agencies look at us as an undersized company and in no way paid any attention to our needs. Even though we are a small company Malone still makes us a priority. When they obligate to a client they truly are dedicating their services and skills to provide the client with what they need. Communication with Malone Staffing is so magnificent that I feel like they are still managing their employees while they are working at Kamic Corporation. Finally, Malone Staffing does have the most excellent turnover rate with us than any other temporary agencies. This study was conducted by myself over the past year and is completely truthful.