Questions to Avoid Asking During an Interview

As one of the top staffing agencies in healthcare, government and technology industries, the recruiters at Malone Solutions understand both sides of the hiring process. We have a talent pool brimming with qualified staffing options for companies looking to hire permanent or temporary employees. This insider knowledge is incredibly helpful for our job seekers, as Read more »

Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S. – More than just pushing buttons

When Henry Ford rolled out the first moving assembly line, the time it took to build a car dropped from 12 hours to just a hair over two. Now that’s American innovation. The assembly line is the first image that comes to mind when we think of manufacturing jobs, particularly in the United States. However, Read more »

Seven Habits of a Smart Talent Manager

Creating habits can be the first step to success in any field. As a talent manager, you need to establish a routine and method of not only recruiting talent but being able to do it quickly. Most companies have a hiring deadline, and a talent manager should be the person to help them meet their Read more »