Losing Motivation? Stay Productive in Your Job Search.

The longer it takes to land a job, the tougher the job search becomes. Who could blame job seekers for feeling discouraged, even depressed? It’s hard to not take the silence, or even the outright rejection, personally. You submit your resume for positions you are qualified for and, after a while, it makes you wonder: Read more »

How Much is Turnover Costing You?

Frequent turnover is an expense no employer can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it comes during a busy time in a plant, warehouse or manufacturing facility. In these companies, turnover can stall or even halt important work, impacting your bottom line and damaging your reputation. Sinking productivity When an employee Read more »

4 Tips for Job Searching After Unemployment

So you’ve dusted off your interview suit and are now back on the job hunt after an extended unemployment period. Maybe you’ve been searching this whole time, but to no avail. Either way, many job seekers feel highly discouraged when unemployment goes on longer than planned. Sometimes you feel as if your whole life, not Read more »