Want to add extra hours,find your next role or change carreers?
In today’s difficult economic times, our talent find that having an experienced advocate on their side is hugely beneficial in their search. Our team of experienced recruiters and placement professionals work with each applicant to determine the right fit based on their employment goals, culture fit, abilities, and interests. Additionally, Malone provides our talent with resources to improve their skills, learn useful techniques and enhance the overall quality of their lives by connecting them with the best opportunities available.

Clients can feel confident when drawing upon the Malone Workforce because our applicants are thoroughly screened for representation. In fact, fewer than 30% of applicants are accepted into our Talent Pool.

Our team of experienced placement professionals lead the candidates through an in-depth and proprietary talent onboarding process to determine eligibility for representation including:

  • In-Depth Behavioral Based Interviewing
  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Skills Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • e-Verify

Upon selection for representation by Malone, our talent are then screened for client specific skill sets, culture fit, and similar successful experience. Once finalized as a client candidate, Malone staff provide custom orientation to our client’s procedures, logistics, and expectations.

As part of our ongoing support for clients and talent, Team Malone stays in constant contact to administer our quality control process. The result is the highest retention, quality and production levels among temporary staffing providers. The process includes continued associate coaching for improved performance and ongoing communication of any workforce issues or concerns so that they can be addressed immediately.