Searching for a specialized candidate for your business?
Malone Professional Solutions are best described as “finding talent when no one else can.” Our team of dedicated recruiters focus on providing top-level talent with specialized skills through our proprietary network of over 300,000 talent.

Much more than a resume sourcing service, our team thoroughly vets candidates to our client’s positions, matching both skillsets and culture fit to ensure the ideal fit for our clients. For contract or direct hire needs, consider Malone your talent agency for professionals of all types in the Healthcare, Administrative, Financial Services, Automotive, Logistics and Information Technology fields.

When you choose Malone as your partner for recruiting professionals for your business, you can expec

  • Access to an extensive network of contacts for professionals in accounting/finance, engineering/manufacturing, human resources, sales and marketing, and more
  • An outlet to specialized talent for highly skilled roles
  • Objectivity in candidate evaluation
  • Expertise in negotiation
  • Training and coaching to develop your staff’s skills
  • Best-in-class technology that makes satisfying your staffing needs simple
  • Talent Retention programs and strategy

Using a mix of metric driven analysis combined with creative thinking, we partner with our clients to address the business challenges that they face every day. Learn more by reading our success stories which demonstrate how we provide customized solutions to our clients’ workforce challenges.

As a candidate searching for new career opportunities, you know that connecting with the right company can be about who you know, as well as, what you know. Joining Team Malone means you’ll connect with the right people, contacts and companies which will give you access to the best opportunities. Let us help you write the next chapter in your career.

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