Enhnce your staff through training & coaching
Outplacement is a career coaching service that companies use to ease the burden felt by employees who are losing their jobs. We train and coach people in the areas of resume writing, interview preparation, accessing the hidden job market, negotiating salary and benefits, and strategic networking.

When companies have to let go of good people because of a merger, acquisition, downsizing, or restructuring, outplacement helps solve five problems:

  1. Limit legal risk by including this service in severance packages
  2. Reduce unemployment liability
  3. Minimize the emotional stress felt by managers who have had to reduce their workforce
  4. Maintain goodwill in the community by helping downsized employees find their next career opportunity
  5. Increase morale of employees who remain

Our outplacement provides overall cost savings to employers while providing terminated employees the opportunity to discover their next career opportunity. We continue to serve our clients until the employee is placed in a new job.

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Outplacement - Career Coaching