Need to add staff quickly or find temporary assistance?
Running a business using Contingent Workforce Management has its advantages, not the least of which is that it helps you be flexible and cost efficient. However, it can be challenging, too, because at the times you need your contingent workforce to get up and running, you also need to be putting your attention toward the demands that have created the need for extra staff.

You need a partner who can manage your contingent workforce for you, and Malone stands ready to assist. Put our experience to work for you by allowing us to manage the following details and more:

  • Recruiting the number of employees you need when you most need them
  • Vetting and screening the candidates for your contingent workforce to ensure productivity, quality, and reliability
  • Managing the contingent labor team to program standards and reducing the internal resources required to manage a large contingent team.
  • Tracking, managing, and controlling your contingent workforce spending
  • Developing a better understanding of the talent market so that you can find and attract the best temporary or contract workers available
  • Developing a strategic and tactical staffing plan with the assistance of our process improvement and forecasting team

In other words, with Malone as your partner, you leave managing your contingent workforce to us, allowing you the bandwidth to address other business needs.

Contact Malone now to get started on your developing your contingent workforce management plan.
Streamlining the Hiring Process