Need help managing your workforce needs?
We believe in sharing the latest trends and ideas on the ever changing recruiting process. No matter how you feel about recruiters and staffing firms, one thing rings true- Recruiting isn’t easy and finding top talent is harder.

Here are some approaches we’ve come to support over 40 years of experience in recruiting talent:

  1. In general, our philosophy is that job boards don’t get the job done. Leverage a referral program, networking groups, and trade associations to find passive candidates.
  2. Get connected through social media. More and more people are using social media outlets and it’s one of the quickest ways to get the word out about opportunities with your company.
  3. Sell your culture. Even with the economic downturn, highly talented individuals who shape the success of their employer have numerous options. Culture is key to recruit top talent.
  4. Highlight your benefit structure. Think creatively about benefits you can offer beyond health, dental and 401k. Top employers provide discounts on popular brands, or offer paternity leave, or provide interest free loans on computer equipment.
  5. Develop succession plans and growth opportunities. Top talent want to work with companies that give more responsibility and recognize achievement. Promote your strategic plan and growth areas in the coming years.

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