Enhnce your staff through training & coaching
When a company has a key executive with behavioral issues that are affecting performance so severely that the executive is in jeopardy of losing their role (and with it the company would be losing an otherwise great talent), we recommend a executive coaching program.

When companies have an executive with serious behavior problems AND they want to retain him/her, executive coaching helps solve four key problems:

  1. Permanently change poor behavior—100% of those who were about to lose their jobs, and completed our program, kept their jobs for one year or longer
  2. Eliminate the expense of severance, rehiring, and training which is the equivalent of one or more year’s salary
  3. Increase morale and respect of other employees who see senior leadership’s commitment to holding itself accountable to behavior and performance expectations
  4. Allow the client to retain the institutional memory and key skill set.

Working with Malone, you can permanently change the negative behavior and positively impact your company culture and bottom line.

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Executive Coaching