Need help managing your workforce needs?
“Malone knocks you out with customer service. In a crowded field, this is what sets Malone apart from all the rest. Whether it is the quality of the temps, the timeliness of the communication, or the ease of doing business – Malone is the best in the business.”

- Larry Kroggel, Human Resources Manager, MAHLE Filter Systems North America

“What sets Malone apart from the other Staffing Services is their commitment to their customers. Regardless of the fact if I need 20 people of if I only have a need for only one person they treat me like I am their only customer. They truly care about my needs and they follow up on the people they place. You can tell that they want everyone to be successful. I would recommend Malone to anyone that has a staffing need.”

- Vicki Smith, Production Manager, Superior Trim

“I have been in the logistics business for twenty three years and haven't had a better experience with a staffing company than the one I am having with Malone. I have used many other staffing agencies in my career, but haven't seen the whole package put together the way it is with Malone.”

- Gil Koonce Jr., Sr. Operations Manager, World Wide Technology Inc.

“Malone stands out among the rest. They have been flexible to work with, available to us whenever we had employee issues or concerns (including evenings and weekends) and have communicated extremely well with both our management team and their 200+ temporary employees. I would highly recommend that you give them a try, you will not be disappointed.”

- Marty Martin, Fulfillment Manager , Dillard’s Fulfillment Center

“Toyotetsu Mid America enjoys working with Malone because of the great customer service. The communication we have between each other is great, and our account manager is always on top of things- when our numbers change and anytime we have issues with the temps, we let her know and she takes care of the problem right away.”

- Theresa Jackson, Human Resources Manager, Toyotetsu Mid America, LLC

“Many people will over-stereotype the “temp” workforce as “here today, gone tomorrow”, not necessarily caring about what they do while they are here. WRONG. Malone left a very positive impression on me and the Brinly-Hardy organization this morning. They were part of a pilot run on our new line and they had excellent attitudes, engagement, and even leadership. THANK YOU.”

- Andrew Verkamp, Brinly

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“Malone consistently provides our company with high quality employees as we continue to grow our business. Malone’s unique selection process results in employees that have thrived within our company culture. I appreciate the ongoing partnership between Malone and our company - your skills and service continue to allow our company to succeed.”

- Merrilee A. Goodner, Human Resource, CLARCOR Air Filtration Products
“Through our successful joint venture, Malone Healthcare Solutions has been providing exceptional supplemental staffing for over 25 years. We have been able to depend on Malone to provide top-notch nursing professionals to fulfill our staffing needs as they arise either through per diem or contract assignments.”

- Nursing Director at a Louisville, Kentucky Hospital

“My wife Ann has been cared for by the most professional, caring, knowledgeable, well-trained certified aides. They have cared for her five days a week, for the past two years. Your aides have been most helpful with everything including long term care, ADL's, feeding, and even laundry. Ann is unable to speak or ambulate nor has use of her arms. Your aides have handled her health and living conditions with passion and in a very caring way. I would highly recommend your services for in home, long term nursing services.”

- Tom Bishop, Husband of Client

“I imagined someone coming into my home to care for my mother but doing the minimum amount of impersonal care. My hope was that Mother would feel like a friend was visiting her and she happily does. I value your caregivers that are dependable, personable, and well informed. As a result of your service I feel like I have some of my freedom back. I would tell others considering you that you are professional yet caring service”

- Sandy Creznic, Daughter of Client

“All of the nurses that take care of Naomi do an excellent job. I don't have to worry while I am at work because I know she is well taken care of and gets alot of attention. They all spoil her! I would recommend you highly to anyone. They would be totally pleased as I am.”

- Debbie Diezman, Mother of Client

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Outplacement – Career Coaching

“During the interview, I told my story concisely and expertly, they put the money on the table first. I negotiated the following: relocation expenses, temporary living expenses, issuance of a cell phone, payment of COBRA insurance for the 90-day waiting period, until I am eligible for company benefits. In essence, a $5,000 signing bonus. Thank you.”

– Outplaced Candidate

“Seventy-five percent of our employees being downsized had jobs before the plant officially closed thanks to your outplacement career center.”

– HR VP of Manufacturing company

Executive Coaching

“I see the way some people behave and I am shocked. I say to myself, ‘that was me, just six weeks ago, and now look’. I’m controlled, in the game, and working for positive outcomes. This was good for me, and I have really enjoyed it. I really appreciate it.”

– Vice President of manufacturing firm

“I like what I see. Regarding his team working together as the result of the coaching he said, ‘Never in the past two years have I seen this team gel more than now. We are poised for new challenges and growth’.”

– President about a Vice President

100% of the executives who completed this program turned their performance around and were able to keep their jobs for at least a year following our coaching.

Team Building

“We believe your approach is an effective model that inspires participants to change their perspective and to create positive results in their lives.”

Senior Social Worker for Department of Corrections

“Thanks so much for facilitating the experiences yesterday and today. I feel empowered to tackle some of the issues that I have identified and am eager to move forward.”

Supervisor of Non-Profit

Custom Training for Employees, Leaders, and Executives
“I am pleased to tell you that the training experience for the back office employees was a hit!!! Many employees said that your session was their favorite part of the day.”

Director of Training for Credit Union

“Without your contributions, achieving excellence in Louisville’s non-profit sector would not be possible. Thank you again for your continued support.”

Director of Programs for Non-Profit

“Your conflict management program was the best presentation of the year for our group.”

Program Director for Human Resource Management Group

Sales Coaching

“Your coaching contributed to me receiving employee of the year and one of my direct reports the salesperson of the year.”

– VP of Sales of a Home Builder

“You have given me a system, personal guidance, and a stellar example that have dramatically improved my sales abilities. More than that, you have challenged me and shown me effective ways to become a better person.”

– President of IT firm

“After two coaching sessions and a book recommendation, we were able to use your strategies to reacquire an $80,000 account. You rock!”

– Business Development Director of Marketing Firm

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In 2011, our clients received a 13 to 1 return on their investment in our program.