Example – Evaluating Productivity on Your Team

In our overloaded, double-booked world, performance reviews often get pushed aside to put out fires or rush a deadline. However, evaluating productivity isn’t just about the future of your staff; it can also predict the future of your business. In order to truly understand effective productivity, managers and business owners must look at more than Read more »

4 Tips for Job Searching After Unemployment

So you’ve dusted off your interview suit and are now back on the job hunt after an extended unemployment period. Maybe you’ve been searching this whole time, but to no avail. Either way, many job seekers feel highly discouraged when unemployment goes on longer than planned. Sometimes you feel as if your whole life, not Read more »

Questions to Avoid Asking During an Interview

As one of the top staffing agencies in healthcare, government and technology industries, the recruiters at Malone Solutions understand both sides of the hiring process. We have a talent pool brimming with qualified staffing options for companies looking to hire permanent or temporary employees. This insider knowledge is incredibly helpful for our job seekers, as Read more »

The Who, How and When of Following Up After an Interview

Sure you aced the interview? Wish you could take another shot at it? An effective strategy for following up the right way can give you another chance to make a great impression. Remind the interviewer that you’re a perfect fit for the position or take the opportunity to add anything you may have missed. Thank Read more »

Interview Prep: Know How You Will Impact Culture and Success

These days, competition for jobs can be intense. Companies often receive dozens ─ sometimes even hundreds ─ of applications for each position posted, offering the ability to be very selective with their hiring decisions. Rather than simply focusing on which candidates have the strongest resumes, hiring managers also want to find those who have the Read more »

The Value of Networking (and How to do it Successfully)

In the job hunting process, your education and skill set are important. However, there is something to be said for your network and how effectively you use it. Knowing people can help you land the job you really want, and a job where you can excel. The value of your personal network can be worth Read more »

Make a Mistake at Work? Post Mistake Dos and Don’ts

Mistakes are a part of life. They happen at the office, at home, and everywhere in between and the severity of their consequences will vary. Some mistakes will have immediate results while others can take weeks, even months to fully feel, but how you react to the initial mistake will be the true test of Read more »

Personal Branding for Candidates

Everyone has a brand. Whether you take advantage of it or not, doesn’t negate the fact that you have a distinct ability to market yourself in a variety of ways. From a website to a personalized email, getting your name out there and recognized will be a strong factor in your job search and should Read more »

Automotive Job Outlook

The recession hit the automotive industry hard , but there are signs of recovery, particularly in the south. Michigan is still has the highest concentration of motor vehicle manufacturing employment, but southern states including Kentucky are growing fast. Last year Kentucky was ranked 3rd nationwide in auto production midway through the year with more than Read more »