Evaluating Productivity on Your Team

In our overloaded, double-booked world, performance reviews often get pushed aside to put out fires or rush a deadline. However, evaluating productivity isn’t just about the future of your staff; it can also predict the future of your business.   In order to truly understand effective productivity, managers and business owners must look at more Read more »

Looking Beyond the Interview: Hiring the Best Candidate, Not Just One Who Interviews Well

Over the years here at Malone Solutions, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the companies we support. For many of these businesses, the need for highly skilled employees comes on quickly with a new project, while other companies coast along at a steady pace, occasionally needing extra skilled contract workers or temporary employees to tackle specific Read more »

Is Your Company Suffering From High Turnover?

Frequent turnover is an expense few employers can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it comes at the loss of a good employee. It’s up to you and your managerial staff to keep your workers engaged and excited about their jobs. Over time, similar trends emerge, giving us an idea of Read more »

Top Interview Red Flags

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and not just for the interviewees. For many managers, business owners and hiring teams, the hiring process can be exhaustive. If your candidate search has stalled, it can affect every aspect of your business, including productivity and profitability. That’s why job interviews can be stressful for employers; they are anxious Read more »

Does Your Manufacturing Workplace Have a Learning Culture

Manufacturing operations look a lot different today than they did back in our grandfathers’ era. Technology has changed the way everyone works, and manufacturing is no different. Both what we produce and how we produce it has changed, and not just over decades, but sometimes just over mere days. We can create more in less Read more »

Encouraging Employees to Find the Right Work-Life Balance

As this year’s flu season comes to an end, many workplaces, from offices to factories, felt the strain. However, a healthy workplace isn’t just about a germ-free zone. A low-stress environment also plays a huge role in the mental and physical health of a company’s employees. When workers are less stressed, they are healthier, safer Read more »

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

When a job seeker finds an open position that seems like the perfect fit, they submit their resume with energy and excitement. They interview, meet the hiring team and talk with department heads, all of which gear them up for the new opportunity ahead. However, if your company has a slow hiring process, that energy Read more »

Strategic Staffing: Five Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

The opening has been posted for less than an hour and already your inbox is flooded with applications. For many companies, especially smaller ones, simply just stating the hiring process can be quite intimidating. The variety of candidates and experience can make narrowing down your choices challenging. That’s the beauty of the interview.   Sometimes Read more »

Attracting Top Talent with a Strong Online Presence

You don’t have to run a Fortune 500 company to attract industry-leading, top tier talent. But, you do need to start where they do. When job seekers begin their employment search, where do they go first? The same place we all go when we’re searching for information and opportunities – the Internet. You can attract Read more »

Hiring Secrets for a Successful Business

We know the one thing all businesses would love to get their hands on – an infallible “Magic 8 Ball” that predicts staffing challenges, successes and opportunities. Even though this fortune-telling HR manager is just a myth, companies can still implement hiring strategies that are more proactive than reactive. In today’s fast-paced, tech-pumped workforce, employers Read more »