Motivate Your Team

You have a great staff at your company, but lately, they haven’t been working at their full potential. Productivity has started to take a hit, so you need to do something fast to get them to back in full swing.

Chances are, you’re probably feeling frustrated with your team, but punishing them for their lack of efficiency won’t get you very far. Instead, try to see things from their prospective to understand the root cause of their behavior. Here are a few ideas that could explain what’s going on and help you make positive changes.

Display Gratitude

You appreciate your employees’ hard work, but if you’re not vocalizing this, they probably don’t realize it. Saying ‘thank you’ or paying a compliment on a job well done is a very simple gesture that means a lot. Knowing the boss is watching and is impressed by your efforts makes people feel valued.

Create a Challenge

A friendly competition will add loads of excitement to a mundane workday. Devise a contest, split people up into groups — or make it a solo endeavor — explain the rules, and let the fun begin. Raise the stakes by giving the winner(s) a prize they want — e.g., an extra vacation day, pizza party or a gift card.

Stop Micromanaging

Being the boss is a high-pressure job, but you must trust your team. If you’re a micromanager, this could be why they’ve lost their zest for work. It won’t be easy but force yourself to take a step back and let employees do their jobs without interfering. Having the freedom to complete tasks their own way will give people a sense of ownership, thus inspiring them to work harder.

Help People See the Big Picture

Every employee on your team does important work that keeps your company running smoothly. However, it can be difficult for people to understand how their efforts play into overall company goals. Find a way to explain how each person is a crucial part of the equation that makes the organization a success. When people realize their work really matters, they’ll step it up.

Encourage People to Take Time Off

All work and no play makes for burnt out employees. It’s possible your team is slacking because they’re exhausted. If you’ve been denying vacation requests or making people feel guilty for taking time off, stop this practice immediately. Encourage people to take the paid time off they’ve earned, and they’ll return relaxed, refreshed and ready to work.

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