Should You Practice Your Interview Skills?

Your performance in a job interview will make or break your chances of getting hired. Since the stakes are so high, you should never leave it to chance.

Participating in mock interviews is a great way to hone your skills, so you’re able to put your best self forward on the big day. Whether you practice with a trusted friend or recruiter, this experience can prove invaluable.

4 Benefits of Pre-Interview Practice

Test Out Different Responses

Most interviewers ask open-ended questions, and each one can be answered several different ways. Sometimes a response will sound great in your head, but when you say it out loud, you realize it lacks the bite it had when you were mulling it internally. When you practice, you’re able to try out several answers until you find one that fits.

Polish Your Presentation

It’s always frustrating to sit in a job interview knowing what you want to say, but unsure of how to articulate it. Mock interviews give you the opportunity to work out the kinks before the big day. If you don’t like the way a response sounds or feel like you’re not getting your point across, you’re able to make adjustments until you get it right.

Get Comfortable in the Hot Seat

Mulling answers over on your own is one thing, but saying them out loud to someone else is an entirely different story. While the person conducting your mock interview won’t hold the fate of your career in their hands, having to answer to them during the practice round will help you feel more relaxed on the big day, because you’ll have already gone through the motions.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Preparing for a job interview is hard work, so it doesn’t make sense to do it alone. Mock interviews allow you to get helpful input on everything from your body language to your responses themselves. Take this feedback seriously, because it will give you a competitive edge.

When you’re well-prepared for an interview, you walk into the room with confidence in knowing you can handle anything that comes your way. Don’t expect perfection, as you’re only human, but if you make a mistake, you’ll be equipped to bounce back from it with grace.

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