Evaluating Candidates on Potential

Managing a hiring process isn’t easy, so when you find a candidate with all the right skills, it’s tempting to offer them the job on the spot. This might save you time in the short term, but if the person isn’t right for your team, it will create headaches almost immediately.

In today’s workplace, on-the-job learning is key, so hiring for potential is a must. The right person might not have the skills you need yet, but if they’re willing to learn and grow, you can mold them into the best hire you’ve ever made.

4 Questions to Evaluate Candidates on Potential

How would you define your learning style?

If the right candidate is committed to expanding their knowledge, they can accomplish anything. Since there’s no right or wrong way to learn, this question focuses more on the person’s attitude toward growth. Look for a response that enthusiastically details their preferred learning style, and why it works best for them. Assume anyone who can’t explain how they like to learn probably doesn’t do much of it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

An interview standard, this question allows you to see how your company fits into the job seeker’s future plans. Ambitious candidates probably wouldn’t see themselves still in the role they’re currently interviewing for, but as long as they aspire to be doing the same kind of work, they have the potential to be a valued long-term employee.

Describe your ideal work environment.

A candidate doesn’t have the potential to succeed at your company if they’re not a cultural fit. Their response to this question will help you determine if your work environment is a place where they would thrive. A motivated candidate can boost their skills, but they can’t change the personality traits that determine the type of setting they feel most comfortable working in.

Why do you want this job?

This question is a multifaceted way to determine a candidate’s potential to succeed at your company. Enthusiastic candidates will have done their research, so they’ll be able to explain what enticed them to apply for the job, including specifics about both your company and the position. Savvy candidates will also pitch their desire to grow and evolve in the role, which will help you envision them as part of the team.

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