Didn’t Get the Job? Learn From Experience

It doesn’t feel great when you’re not chosen for a job you really wanted. Going through the interview process, learning about the job and meeting people you would be working alongside is exciting, so it’s only natural to get your hopes up.

You didn’t get the outcome you wanted this time, but you did gain valuable experience. Instead of viewing the time you spent interviewing for this job as wasted, consider it an opportunity to become a stronger candidate next time. Learn from your interview by giving it an honest look.

4 Questions Ask Yourself in a Post-Interview Analysis

What questions did I answer well?

When you give a great response to an interviewer’s question, you know you got it right. Their face lights up and they give you a look of satisfaction that makes you glow with pride. Make a list of questions that incited this reaction and write down what you said. Use this as a reference when preparing for your next interview, because you know it makes you look good.

What questions did I stumble on?

It’s a lot less fun to think about the questions you didn’t answer well, but doing so will help you grow. Write down any questions you had trouble finding the words for and those that didn’t seem to impress the interviewer. You can’t change the past, but identifying these tough questions now gives you an advantage for your next interview because you have another chance to improve.

Was I able to build a rapport with the interviewer?

Establishing a connection with the interviewer is essential — especially if this person would be your boss or a close colleague — because people are drawn to those they like. You can’t forge chemistry with someone you just don’t click with, but a little background research can help you find common ground with just about anyone.

If you were unable to build a rapport this time, learn from your mistakes and always conduct a quick online search to study up on your interviewer before you meet them. Find a way to covertly work a key fact — e.g., you went to the same high school — into the conversation to create a bond.

Did I lack any skills or experience?

Your resume got you an interview, but a lack of certain abilities might’ve cost you the job. If the interviewer seemed concerned about any skills or experience you don’t have, consider finding a way to get them. Chances are, this will also hold you back from landing similar jobs at other companies, so investing the time and energy to gain them now will likely help you in the future.

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