Why You Should Consider Cultural Fit

Adding a new person to your team is a huge decision. If you get lucky, you might find a candidate who has all the skills you need — including those nice-to-haves — and a winning personality to match, but it doesn’t always work that way.

When you find someone with all the right qualifications, it’s only natural to assume your search is over, but don’t be too hasty. If the candidate doesn’t share your company’s values and beliefs, it’s best to move on to the next. Here’s a few reasons why cultural fit is something you can’t ignore.

5 Benefits of Hiring for Cultural Fit

Higher-Quality Work

If an employee doesn’t mesh with your culture, their job is just a way to pay the bills. Sure, they’ll do everything you ask of them, but it will lack zest. On the other hand, those who perfectly fit your culture truly believe in what you’re doing and will put their heart and soul into their work every single day.

Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors

The people working for your company are directly responsible for its public image. Employees in customer-facing roles have the power to turn patrons away for good or into long-term loyalists. When someone radiates passion for their work, it’s contagious. Clients will be drawn to your brand, because they’re treated well and get nothing but positive vibes from associates.

Better Work Environment

One bad hire can easily sour the mood of the team. When employees share the same collective standards, it’s much easier to work together. People with similar personalities and beliefs naturally tend to get along and genuinely enjoy spending their shifts together. This makes your company a fun, pleasant place to work.

Lower Levels of Turnover

Most people have had at least one bad work experience. When employees find their fit at your company, they’ll know they’re in the right place, so they won’t be too inclined to leave. This will cause your retention rates to soar, which will inflate your bottom line and make your company stronger than ever, because having a revolving door of talent is costly in more ways than one.

Fewer Bad Habits to Break

It’s much easier to teach an employee new skills than to try to change their personality traits. You’re probably hesitant to choose a candidate lacking some of the skills you need, but if they’re a cultural fit, this might actually work to your advantage.

Every company has its own unique way of doing things. While a more seasoned candidate might check all your skills boxes, you’ll likely have to deprogram plenty of bad behaviors learned from other employers. A less experienced candidate who is a cultural fit is a blank slate you can convert into your ideal associate.

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