It’s Time to Reposition Your Weakness

Job interviews aren’t meant to be easy. Hiring managers purposefully ask tough questions because they want to see the real you. Designed to make you sweat, “What is your greatest weakness?” is frequently on their list of interview questions.

Revealing a weakness to a hiring manager you’re trying to impress might seem counterintuitive, but it doesn’t have to hurt your chances of getting hired. The right response should portray you as a humble person willing to admit their shortcomings and work to overcome them.

4 Tips to Turn a Weakness Into a Positive

Be Honest

Hiring managers can tell a real weakness from a fake one — e.g., “I work too hard” — so don’t patronize them with a shallow response. Of course, you don’t want to reveal something that will put you out of the running, so it’s best to choose a minor job-related flaw you’re working to correct.

Position It as a Learning Opportunity

Not one person interviewing for the job — or in general — is perfect. The specific flaw you share isn’t really what matters, it’s what you’ve done to combat it that speaks volumes about your character. Explain the steps you’ve taken — or are currently working through — to overcome your weakness and grow stronger.

Share Your Progress

Briefly describe what this weakness taught you about yourself, and how working to overcome it has made you stronger. Give an example that shows how far you’ve come since you started working to conquer your weakness — e.g., you used to have trouble asking for help, but you’ve learned to speak up when your workload gets too heavy, because you’ve discovered a team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Don’t Dwell on It

After expertly repositioning your weakness as a positive, move on to the next question. Cover all the bases as quickly as possible, because you don’t want your shortcomings to overshadow the many strengths you have to offer.

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