Is It Time for a Resume Makeover?

Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer, so you need to ensure it’s representing you in a flattering manner. Maybe this is the first time in several years you’ve searched for a new job or perhaps you’ve just been doing minimal updates, but either way it’s probably time for a resume overhaul.

Block off a few hours of your schedule and turn your outdated resume into something you can be truly proud to submit. Of course, you’ll need to tailor it for each opportunity, but this new-and-improved version will serve as a strong starting point for you to build on.

5 Steps to Give Your Resume a Much-Needed Makeover

Add New Skills and Experience

Every job provides a new opportunity to learn and grow, so think about what you’ve learned in your current — or most recent — position. Add this job, and the subsequent knowledge you acquired into your resume content to get it perfectly up to date.

Remove Irrelevant Experience

Your career has been filled with a variety of employment opportunities, which has turned you into a well-rounded professional. However, some of these jobs probably have nothing to do with your current career path, so it’s best to remove them.

Keeping them on your resume is a waste of valuable space, and will likely confuse the reader. You want to give the hiring manager the impression that you’re a polished professional who knows exactly where you’re headed — not someone who is all over the place.

Quantify Relevant Accomplishments

Actions speak louder than words. When describing the responsibilities associated with jobs listed on your resume, quantify as many as possible to really emphasize your talents. A resume isn’t the place for vague statements, because you want it to make you stand out from the crowd.

For example, don’t just write that a job required frequent heavy lifting. Quantify it to specifically state that you were required to lift objects up to 50 pounds.

Optimize It With Keywords

Each job you apply to will have its own set of keywords, but get a head start by optimizing it with general terms and phrases used frequently in your industry. Companies frequently rely on software to scan resumes for these words, and if yours doesn’t contain an adequate percentage, it will likely be sent to the reject folder.

Choose the Format Wisely

Reverse chronological is the standard resume format, but it certainly isn’t the only one. If you’re trying to change careers or if your employment history includes any significant gaps, you might be better off with a functional resume. This places the emphasis on your skills and accomplishments relevant to the job, instead of your employment history.

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