How to Recover From a Mistake on the Job

Making mistakes at work isn’t fun, but it happens to everyone. You set high standards for yourself, so it’s only natural to feel embarrassed and disappointed. However, being too hard on yourself will get you nowhere.

In these situations, it’s how you handle the slipup that matters most. Use these tips to bounce back as quickly as possible, because you’re too talented to allow yourself to be defined by a mistake.

Accept Responsibility        

It takes a much bigger person to own their mistakes than to point fingers at others. No matter what you did, you’ll earn a whole lot more respect by stepping up to the plate and facing the consequences. Playing the blame game will backfire, causing you to burn bridges and earn a reputation as someone who can’t take the heat when the going gets rough.

Get to the Bottom of It

Mistakes are an incredible way to learn and grow, so figure out what went wrong. Dig as deep as necessary to get to the root of the problem, because this will allow you to avoid making the same mistake twice.

If you made the mistake, others could too. Share your findings with the team, as this will serve as a learning opportunity for everyone.

Implement Lessons Learned

Put your findings to work by making changes based on what you learned. This might involve fine-tuning existing processes or starting from scratch to create new ones. Do what you think is necessary to ensure the mistake doesn’t happen again. Your boss will be impressed with your initiative and you’ll be able to relax in knowing you’ve done everything in your power to avoid a repeat performance.

Move On

None of your co-workers are perfect, so don’t let this error keep you down. Hold your head up high and be proud of the work you did to learn from your slipup. Maintain a positive attitude, and before you know it, the mistake will be ancient history.

Before long, someone else on the team will be in the hot seat. Now that you’ve had this experience, treat others with kindness when they make mistakes, because you know how awful it feels.

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