Addressing Workplace Stress With Your Team

A certain level of stress is inevitable at every workplace, but if your team is constantly feeling the heat, this is a problem you need to address. Bad for both business and your employees’ health, stress can bring out the worst in people by causing them to become irritable, careless and generally unproductive.

If you’ve been working your employees pretty hard lately and have noticed a subsequent decline in morale, it’s time to do some damage control. Find out how to help your team overcome stress, before your retention rates begin to rise.

4 Ways to Help Your Team Overcome Workplace Stress

Foster a Teamwork Mentality

The success of your company is determined by the overall performance of the team. People need to understand this, so they realize the importance of lending a helping hand to one another. Chances are, your employees aren’t always stressed at the same time, so if those without much on their plate are willing to step up and assist those feeling overworked, striking a balance will be quite simple.

Give People Time for a Personal Life

All work and no play might get more work done in the short term, but it will quickly lead your team to burnout. Avoid this by banning employees from burning the midnight oil. Kick everyone out of the building by a certain time each night and put a moratorium on responding to work messages during off-hours. This will give people the chance to relax and unwind, so they come into work feeling refreshed.

Hire Extra Staff During Busy Periods

If your company is really slammed during certain times of the year, prepare in advance by bringing on contingent staffers. Work with a recruiter to hire professionals to help with the overflow, so your employees aren’t stuck working long hours. More hands on deck means you’ll be equipped to handle a higher volume of business, and your employees will be more productive, because they won’t be under an inordinate amount of stress.

Recognize Outstanding Efforts

Your employees work hard every day, so don’t take them for granted. Ease stress levels by letting people know when they’ve done something that really impresses you. This will make them feel valued and will also reassure them they’re doing a great job. A little boost from the boss can fill employees with a sense of calm.

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