Three Signs of a Bad Hire

Hiring a new employee is a very expensive, time-consuming process. Now that you’ve made your decision and brought the person onto your team, you thought the hard work was over.

Unfortunately, things aren’t exactly going as planned. This person who you thought would be an asset to the team is actually becoming more of a detriment.

Getting adjusted to a new job at a new company takes time, and you understand that. However, you’re starting to wonder if you offered the job to the wrong person.

3 Signs of a Bad Hire

If any of these situations sound familiar, address the problem immediately. If the behavior persists, consider letting your new hire go before they can disrupt your team any further.

Bad Attitude

You don’t tolerate a bad attitude from any of your employees, but it’s especially surprising to see this in a new staffer. During their first few days, weeks and months on the job, most people try extra hard to make a great impression. If your new hire balks when asked to do just about anything, is rude to their colleagues and/or has a genuinely negative attitude, this isn’t normal.

Poor Attendance

For your company to succeed, you need your employees to show up to work. It doesn’t matter how much seniority a staffer has, you don’t look the other way on attendance matters. This type of behavior is especially troubling from a new employee, because if they already feel comfortable enough to push boundaries, imagine what they’ll be like a year from now.

Low Quality of Work

Every job has a learning curve, but be alarmed if your new hire can’t handle tasks listed on their resume. If the person requires constant hand-holding, they likely either lied about their skills and experience or seriously lack confidence. Either way, their poor quality of work is a liability you can’t ignore.

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