Three Things a Recruiter Wants You to Know

Working with a recruiter is one of the best ways to find a great new job, but there are a lot of misconceptions about it. One of the most prominent is recruiters just want to score a quick placement, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

As staffing professionals, recruiters take pride in connecting talented professionals with rewarding career opportunities. A field largely built on relationships, recruiters couldn’t stay in business if they simply stashed candidates in the first job that came across their desk, because that type of behavior would promptly garner a very bad reputation.

If you’re actively — or passively — seeking new opportunities, here are three things a recruiter wants you to know about allowing them to guide your search.

They Want to Find Your Best-Fit Job

As noted above, recruiters aim to please. Everyone wins when you’re placed in a job you truly enjoy. Any staffing professional worth your time won’t stop searching until they’ve found the right position for you. They’ll take the time to assess your skills, learn about your plans and help you determine your ideal work environment.

They Want to Put You to Work Quickly

If you’re currently unemployed or holding court at a job you can’t stand, you want a new opportunity yesterday. When you work with a recruiter, feel confident they’re doing everything in their power to find your ideal job as soon as possible. This could happen overnight, but since they’re focused on quality, it might also take a little time. Either way, hold steady, because you’re in good hands.

They Want You to Be Open and Honest

Recruiters are intuitive, but they’re not mind readers. The more feedback you give your recruiter, the better equipped they’ll be to find your perfect job. If you’re sent out on a placement that doesn’t feel right, speak up. As someone championing your career, the last thing your recruiter wants is for you to stay in a job you don’t enjoy because you feel obligated.

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