Positioning Yourself as a Top Candidate Online

These days, almost everyone has a digital footprint. Consequently, it’s easier than ever for potential employers to research you, and they’re taking full advantage. According to CareerBuilder, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey. If you think trying to maintain a low profile will clear you from scrutiny, think again, because 50 percent of respondents prefer candidates with an online persona.

Since avoiding an online presence will cause you to miss out on a lot — including consideration for some jobs — you just have to be smart about it. Follow these tips to position yourself as a top candidate across your online presence.

Maintain a Professional Presence

Social media posts can easily come back to haunt your job search, so think before you share. Mixing business with pleasure on social media doesn’t work, so create separate accounts for personal and professional use. Enable strict privacy settings on those used personally, because potential employers don’t need to see your vacation pictures.

Showcase Your Expertise

Make your online presence work for you by showing potential employers what you have to offer. Create an online portfolio, start a blog or post regular social media updates that highlight your industry-relevant experience. Having digital space you know potential employers will check out is an incredible opportunity, so take full advantage of it.

Connect With the Right People

Who you know can get you far in business, and this extends to your contacts online. Use social sites like LinkedIn to connect with industry influencers, employers you’re interested in and your peers. Follow their feeds, and if you think it would be beneficial, reach out by writing a personalized message to introduce yourself.

Be Part of the Conversation

Put your passion for the work and your knowledge on display by joining industry-relevant conversations on social media. Comment to industry influencers on Twitter, contribute to the dialogue on a LinkedIn thread, or weigh in on a company’s Facebook post. You’ll also make a great impression by starting thought-provoking conversations on your own accounts, so let your voice be heard.

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