Soft Skills Needed for Light Industrial Success

When filling light industrial positions, you have a non-negotiable set of hard skills that must be had by all successful candidates, but soft skills are just as important. These abilities aren’t necessarily listed on a resume or called out in a job interview, so you have to look closely and read between the lines.

The exact soft skills needed to succeed vary by light industrial position. However, many are needed for most — if not all — jobs in this realm.

5 Must-Have Soft Skills for Light Industrial Employees


For your company to meet its daily goals, you need the entire team to arrive on time and ready to work. If even one person is perpetually late or regularly doesn’t show up, it will impact productivity. Unlike some jobs, light industrial positions aren’t interchangeable, so one unreliable employee can seriously hinder productivity or even halt it all together.

Problem Solving

Things don’t always go as planned, so you need employees with the ability to get creative and find innovation solutions to obstacles in their path. When the going gets rough, the best workers keep trying until they find a solution.

Safety Conscious

Many light industrial work areas involve the use of equipment that can be very dangerous if used improperly. Therefore, you need employees who understand this and take safety precautions very seriously. Failing to follow the rules could cause them or someone else to be seriously injured, so non-compliance doesn’t work.

Team Player

Light industrial workers won’t last if they can’t function as part of a team. Each person’s individual contribution plays into the overall success of the group, so people must realize this and band together in support of one another. This might mean volunteering to take extra shifts during busy periods or stepping in to help a co-worker inundated with work and doing so without hesitation.

Conflict Resolution

People who work closely together don’t always see eye-to-eye, and that’s okay. What’s important is having the ability to remain cool, empathize with the other person(s), and work together to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone.

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