Don’t Wait to Be Asked About Your Strengths

When preparing for a job interview, you expect to be asked “What are your strengths?” It’s a job interview standard, so prepare a response for it, but don’t stop there. Every question is actually an opportunity to highlight both your strengths and weaknesses — the latter of course being what you learned — so take full advantage of it.

Give the interviewer a solid answer to every question by responding in a matter that tells your story and boosts your candidacy.

Highlight a Strength

Chances are, the interview is the first time you’ll meet the hiring manager, so help them learn more about you by emphasizing a specific strength in each response. For example, if the interviewer says, “Tell me about a time you had to deal with an angry customer,” emphasize your extremely patient nature. Explain you patiently listened to their complaints, didn’t take their words personally and calmly worked to find a solution.

Share an Achievement

Actions speak louder than words. While you probably can’t physically show the interviewer your achievements, you can work a different one into every response, creating a vivid picture of what you have to offer. For example, if you’re asked, “What can you offer us that someone else cannot?” don’t just list a bunch of skills. Instead, offer up an achievement relevant to the job that showcases a unique attribute and gives you a competitive edge.

Explain What You Learned

You want to present your very best self to the hiring manager, but some questions will force you to admit past mistakes. If you choose your words wisely, this can actually help your case. For example, if you’re asked “What is the biggest mistake you’ve made at your current job?” share the lesson you learned. No one is perfect; however, presenting your ability to admit when you’re wrong and learn from the situation shows a healthy level of self-awareness.

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