Encouraging Continued Learning

It might sound a little cliché, but knowledge really is power. Your employees were hired with the knowledge needed to do their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to keep on learning.

Top talent has a strong desire to learn. Their passion for the field puts them on quest to keep up with the latest trends to hit the industry, because they’re truly interested and don’t want their skills to become obsolete.

Assisting in ongoing training offers many benefits to your company. When you invest in employees, they feel valued, engagement rates surge and they bring their newfound knowledge back and apply it to their jobs. There’s many different ways to encourage continued learning, so find a way to work it into your company culture and budget.

Conferences and Seminars

If you can swing it, allot each employee a certain amount to spend each year on relevant conferences and seminars. These events allow people to get informed about the latest industry trends, learn from top professionals and share ideas with their peers. Being surrounded by like-minded people is energizing, and people will return to work ready to achieve greatness.

Training Sessions

When several employees can benefit from learning the same skills, it’s often more cost-effective to bring a trainer into your workplace. Make arrangements for those attending the training session to be free from their standard responsibilities — as much as possible — so they can focus their efforts on learning.

Passion Projects

Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. Give people the chance to sharpen their skills by allotting a certain amount of time per week or month to work on job-related passion projects. The best and brightest people always have innovative ideas brewing in their minds, but not enough time to test them out. This gives them a pressure-free space to learn by trial and error. Time is money, but this is still a budget-friendly way to provide ongoing education.

Lunch and Learns

Each of your employees has a unique bank of knowledge, so encourage them to share it with one another. Arrange regular lunch and learns where people can educate others on a topic where they have considerable expertise. You can also invite guest speakers from outside the company to give talks, if you feel they have something of value to offer. This approach is valuable, and it won’t cost you a dime.

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