How Does Stress Impact Your Workforce?

No workplace is a completely stress-free environment, but employees at some companies feel the heat more than others. Rather than pretending it doesn’t exist, it’s important to address the issue head-on. When stress is dealt with in a healthy manner, something productive can come from the situation, but unfortunately every company doesn’t take this route.

When stress is left unidentified or considered a legit excuse for bad behavior, it creates a toxic work environment. Below are four ways this can affect your team.

Decreases Productivity

When people are inundated with work, they’re forced to rush from one task to the next, just to accomplish everything on their plate. Not surprisingly, this results in a high volume of errors, because people don’t have adequate time to spend on the work in front of them. This means your team has to constantly circle back and fix mistakes, which means they’re running in circles.

Increases Illness

Being stressed at work constantly takes a toll on the body. When people are mentally and physically exhausted, their immune systems weaken, which causes them to fall ill at every turn. This means you’re either constantly short-staffed or forced to make sick employees come into work, which will cause their germs to spread even further.

Lowers Job Satisfaction

Working in a high-stress environment isn’t fun. People resent constantly having to rush from one assignment to the next. They also don’t appreciate rarely seeing their friends and family, because they have no work-life balance. As a result, morale plummets, because employees grow to resent both their jobs and the company.

Causes Tensions to Rise

Stress brings out the worst in people. Employee relationships often become strained when they’re always under pressure. Lack of sleep and sufficient time to relax puts people on edge, and they tend to take this out on one another. Previously happy, united teams can easily fall apart when the pressure becomes too intense.

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