Resume Writing to Land the Job

If you’ve been out of the job search for a while, your resume-writing skills are probably a little rusty. Until recent years, submitting the same resume for every job was the standard; however, this practice has become obsolete.

These days, you’re expected to create a unique resume for every opportunity you apply to, and if you don’t, it will probably be tossed to the side. Use these five tips to write a resume that gets you the job.

Incorporate Key Terms

One job posting can easily attract hundreds of resumes, so employers often use software to scan for certain keywords, as reading each one would take far too long. Make sure you don’t miss the cut by carefully reviewing the job description for keywords and phrases used multiple times and incorporating them into your text.

Tailor Skills and Experience

You’re a very talented person, but all your skills and experience aren’t relevant to every job. Instead of crowding the document with irrelevant details, focus only on those applicable to the position. Going off-topic could cause the reader to wonder if the position is the right fit for you, so don’t accidentally send the wrong message.

Format Wisely

The standard reverse chronological format is usually the best way to structure your resume, but this isn’t always the case. If you have gaps in your work history or are in the midst of a career change, the functional format is the better option because it highlights your skills and experience, instead of your employment timeline.

Quantify Accomplishments

Sharing top accomplishments related to the job will boost your candidacy, but this isn’t the space to be elusive. Quantify your achievements to really drive your point home. For example, writing you saved the company money by switching to a new supplier is nice, but the statement has a much stronger impact when you share that you cut costs by 30 percent.

Proofread Carefully

One spelling or grammatical error can ruin your chances of getting the job, so make sure your resume is flawless. Run spellcheck, proofread it several times yourself and ask at least one other trusted person to review it for you. When you’ve written a document, it’s easy to inadvertently overlook errors, so another set of eyes might catch something you didn’t.

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