Why You Need to Know a Candidate’s Weakness

Asking a candidate to describe their greatest weakness is one of the oldest job interview questions in the book, but it has become a standard for a reason. Not only does it help you gauge the person’s character and level of self-awareness, it also provides valuable information that can be used to effectively plan training if they become an employee.

As a seasoned manager, you’re well aware that every new hire requires a customized training plan. Having insights on the employee’s greatest weakness can make the training process more efficient, allowing them to become fully acclimated in record time.

Know Where to Place Extra Attention

Each person you add to your employment roster has a unique professional background. Combined with their own personal attributes, this creates a distinct set of skills and experience that’s all their own. If you know from the start where your new employee needs improvement, you can zero in and start working to enhance their skills from day one. This allows training to be tailored to them in the most effective manner possible.

Avoid Redundant Information

Learning the candidate’s weakness can also clue you in on areas where they excel. Digging deeper with “What is your greatest strength?” is, of course, a different question, but a person’s weakness can also speak to their strong points. If hired, you can use this information to steer clear of topics the employee is already familiar with, because there’s no need to waste time training them on skills they’ve already acquired elsewhere.

Deliver Training the Right Way

Information on a candidate’s weakness can help you better gauge their learning style. Knowing whether the person is a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner can help you create a training program that perfectly meets their needs. If information is presented in an optimal manner, the new employee will be able to absorb more efficiently.

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