Your Company’s Brand is More Important Than Ever

As of October 2017, the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, representing a more than 10-year low. This means candidates are now in the driver’s seat, and they’re being more selective than ever with the jobs they apply to. These days, most job seekers take to the internet to research a company online before applying, so if your online reputation isn’t great, top talent is passing you up.

The best and brightest professionals want to work for a company that makes them proud. If a quick Google search reveals social media pages that show your business being rude to customers, overselling itself or barely divulging any information at all, this doesn’t fare well for the future of your talent roster. Find out how to build an online reputation that draws talented candidates in.

Be Authentic

Your social media pages are a place to connect with your audience on a personal level. Therefore, content that reads like sales pitch won’t cut it. Candidates want to learn as much as possible about who your company is and what it stands for, and they won’t get that from posts aimed solely at selling your products and services.

Share Positive Content

Show the public — and prospective candidates — the softer side of your company on social media. Post pictures of things like company parties, charitable efforts and your office space. Profile employees and celebrate their achievements and milestones to show how much you value your team. Share positive press about your company and other interesting articles relevant to your industry to engage people and establish your voice.

Address Negativity Head-On

At some point, you’re probably going to get a few negative comments on your social media pages. It can be tempting to give a hateful commenter a piece of your mind, but remember, prospective candidates are watching your every move. Instead, be the bigger person and respond in a dignified manner. This shows class and respect for others that will make people want to be part of your team.

Engage With Others

Show a little personality by reaching out to customers, commenters and other companies in your industry. Thank customers for their kind words, compliment your competitors on great work and start engaging conversations. This will also help build your following, increasing the chance that top talent will stumble upon your social presence on their own.

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