Help Your Workforce Start 2018 on The Right Note

It’s crazy to think 2017 will come to a close in just a few short weeks. As your team winds this year down, it’s time to start preparing for 2018. When January comes, you want to hit the ground running, so start the new year off on a positive note by doling out annual reviews.

Rather than making the process something dreaded by both managers and employees alike, create a strong, beneficial and simple approach that leaves everyone feeling energized for the year ahead.

Give the Employee an Advance Copy

When properly administered, annual reviews contain a lot of valuable information. Allow employees time to process it by providing them with a copy at least one full day before the meeting. This gives them the opportunity to really think about your comments and any questions they have. It also opens the door for a productive dialogue, but more on that in a bit.

Offer Specific Suggestions For Improvement

Annual reviews are supposed to help employees learn and grow, so provide specific feedback they can use to improve themselves. For example, you might advise learning a few new skills in the year ahead, but don’t stop there. Provide tips on ways these new abilities can be acquired, because this isn’t necessarily something people know how to do on their own.

Praise Good Work

More than just a time for constructive criticism, annual reviews should also highlight the person’s positive contributions to the company in the past year. Be specific when acknowledging their top achievements, so they know what they did well. This will make them feel appreciated and help them get excited to accomplish even more in the year ahead.

Make it a Conversation

Annual reviews should never be a one-sided dialogue. Give the employee the floor to discuss anything on their mind. They might want to take on a new initiative in 2018 or find out what they need to do to get promoted. Regardless of what’s on their mind, you owe them the respect of listening intently, because their career should matter to you.

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