Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle!

Working with a recruiter is an excellent way to boost your career, but if you want to get ahead, you have to stay in touch. There’s certainly no need to contact your recruiter on a daily basis, but you also can’t go off the grid and expect jobs to magically come your way.

There’s a fine line between being in regular contact with your recruiter and over-communicating, so find out how to strike the right balance.

Plan Ahead to Connect

Scheduling times to touch base with your recruiter is a smart way to stay at the top of their mind. At the end of each meeting, take a minute to set a date for the next time you’ll connect. This puts a concrete reminder on your recruiter’s calendar, so you won’t have to worry that you’ve been lost in the shuffle.

If a career opportunity that meets your needs comes across your recruiter’s desk before that date, you’ll hear from them sooner; if not, you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re being proactive. This will calm your nerves and alleviate the impulse to contact your recruiter on a daily basis, which can be viewed as a bit overzealous.

Return Messages Promptly

Timing is everything in a job search, so if your recruiter contacts you with an opportunity, you need to act fast. Waiting even a few days to return the message can be too long, as some employers hire at lightning-fast speeds.

You’re a busy person, but so is your recruiter. If you make a habit of not returning calls and emails, they’ll assume you’re not serious about pursuing new opportunities. This will cause them to take themselves off your case.

Keep Your Recruiter in the Loop

As someone trying to help you land a great new job, your recruiter wants to know about the latest developments in your search. If someone in your network sets you up with a job interview or you decide to change the parameters of your search, this is information they need to know. Everyone’s time is wasted if the two of you aren’t on the same page, so don’t forget to provide updates when needed.

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