Showcase Leadership Skills (at Every Level!)

The best employers are always on the hunt for future leaders. No matter what type of job you’re applying for, showcasing leadership skills is important, because these abilities will get you far in your career.

Even if the position itself doesn’t call for leadership abilities, highlight those you have during the interview process, because they will make you stand out from the crowd. Savvy hiring managers will see your potential and they won’t be able to pass you up.


No one wants to hire a candidate who can’t be held accountable for anything. Demonstrating responsibility in a job interview is very simple. Show up a few minutes early, dress professionally, bring several copies of your resume, and don’t forget any other requested material — e.g., a portfolio or your Social Security card.

Ability to Delegate

Leaders without the ability to delegate crash and burn, so make sure the hiring manager knows you’ve mastered this skill. Share an example that perfectly illustrates this, such as a time you were under a tight deadline to complete a project, but made it happen by delegating tasks to other members of your team.


Employees look to leaders for guidance, so if they’re not committed to the job, the rest of the team will follow suit. No matter where you are on the org chart, make it clear you always work until the job is done. For example, share a story about a time you put in overtime to finish an assignment by its due date.


Excellent leaders can always be trusted to behave with discretion. Prove you can handle confidential information by not disclosing any unflattering details about your current employer or a previous one — even if prodded. It’s not uncommon for hiring managers to test candidates by asking them to spill unbecoming information. If you take the bait, they’ll assume you’ll do the same thing to their company one day.


People in leadership roles set the tone for the rest of the company, so having a positive attitude is a must, because it will reverberate throughout the organization. Put your own naturally upbeat manner on display during the interview by smiling a lot, displaying positive body language, — e.g., maintaining eye contact, uncrossing your arms and not slouching — and showing enthusiasm for the position.

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