Are You Losing Candidates?

At the beginning of your hiring process, you always have a strong set of candidates, but this group tends to shrink in size before you’ve made a final decision. This is frustrating, because you have to go back to the drawing board when your top contenders eliminate themselves.

You may not realize it, but candidates might be bowing out due to challenges with your hiring process. Working with a recruiter is the best way to solve these problems, because they’re objective and they know exactly what to do.

Take a look at common reasons candidates decide to stop pursuing an opportunity and how a staffing partner can help you avoid them.

Misrepresenting the Job

Writing a new job description takes a lot of time and effort, so when an employee leaves, you probably just post the same listing. In theory, this should work, as it is the same job, but most positions evolve with time. If candidates read a job description and decide to apply for the opportunity, they’re probably stepping aside when they get to the interview and realize the position is very different from what was advertised.

When you partner with a recruiter, they’ll help you craft a new job description every time you need to hire. This ensures the content is always up to date, so candidates will never feel like they were drawn in under false pretenses.

Challenging Application Steps

Requiring people to answer lengthy questionnaires or retype their resume into a form on your website is unnecessarily time-consuming. Making a job difficult to apply for doesn’t just weed out uninterested candidates — it can cause top talent to give up. If you take on a staffing partner, they’ll help make your hiring process more efficient, so it doesn’t scare talent away. Plus, your recruiter will weed out all applicants who don’t fit the bill, eliminating the need to enable measures that add extra time and effort on the candidates’ part.

Slow Hiring Process

When people are actively seeking new opportunities, most want to make a move as soon as possible. The average time-to-hire in the U.S. is 23.7 days, according to a 2017 study conducted by Glassdoor. If yours takes longer than this, your candidates are giving up and moving on. Working with a recruiter makes this a non-issue, because filling your open position is their full-time job.

Lack of Communication

Searching for a new job is a huge life event, and candidates don’t appreciate being left in the dark. You probably think nothing about being out of contact with candidates for a week or more, but that’s because you know what’s going on behind the scenes. Keeping candidates engaged makes them feel valued, so recruiters always provide a hiring timeline and stay in touch throughout the process.

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