Three Reasons to Tailor Your Resume

Less than a decade ago, there was nothing wrong with submitting the same general resume to every job opportunity. When you were ready to start searching for a new role, you simply updated your resume once, and you were done.

Fast forward a few years and this process has experienced a major change. These days, tailoring your resume for every job you apply for has become the standard. Since it involves a lot of extra work, you’re probably tempted to skip this step, but that won’t get you hired.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, because not tailoring your resume isn’t an option. Find out why you can’t afford to take the easy way out.

Highlight Your Fit for the Job

Readers can quickly get lost in a traditional resume — especially if you’re a mid- to senior-level professional with an extensive work history. Tailoring your resume allows you to position yourself as the perfect fit for the job. Rather than showcasing all your skills and experience, this type of resume focuses mostly on your skills and experience relevant to the job at-hand.

Instead of leaving the hiring manager to connect that dots explaining why you’re the best possible candidate, your tailored resume spells it out for them. Consequently, this increases your chances of receiving an offer letter.

Your Competition Is Onto the Trend

The most ambitious job seekers understand that resume tailoring is a mandatory move, and they don’t have to be told to do it. Sure, every candidate won’t take this extra step, but these people aren’t the ones landing interviews. You won’t stand out from the crowd with a generic resume, so give your competition a run for their money and tailor yours too.

Employers Expect It

Resume tailoring is the new normal, so hiring managers are not impressed when a generic one comes across their desk. More than just highlighting your fit for the job, tailoring shows enthusiasm for the position. From an employer’s perspective, if you’re not motivated enough to tailor your resume to get the job, you probably won’t be too driven if hired.

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