Networking in the Digital Age

Investing in relationships new and old has always been a great way to boost your job prospects, but as with most things, the best ways to go about this change with time. It hasn’t been that long since networking was exclusively an in-person activity, but now that we’re firmly rooted in the digital era, there’s also plenty of ways to make new contacts online.

The best networking strategy involves a solid mix of in-person and online activities, as this allows you to cover all the bases. Find out how to make both work for you.

4 Tips to Network Effectively in the Digital Age

Use Social Media to Make New Contacts

Social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook offer endless opportunities to connect with like-minded peers. For example, join a few relevant LinkedIn groups and start a discussion. You can also follow industry leaders and companies you’re interested in on Twitter and interact with them.

Seek Informational Interviews

After making new contacts on social media, take it a step further and request informational interviews with professionals working in positions you aspire to hold someday. You can also seek out people working at companies you might want to join, to learn what it’s like to work for the organization. This type of interview isn’t for a specific job, but if you make a good impression, the people you meet with will likely reach out when an opportunity comes along that might interest you.

Build a Presence People Want to Follow

Social networking is more than just reaching out to new contacts. You also need to build an engaging presence that captures the attention of your peers. Dedicate one or two of your social media accounts exclusively to business purposes and share industry-relevant content regularly. Voice your thoughts on trends impacting your field and engage with others posting on similar subject matter.

Attend Networking Events

The ability to connect with your peers digitally is an incredible thing, but it doesn’t outweigh the value of face-to-face interactions. Search online for networking events in your local area and attend as many as possible — ideally at least one per week if you’re actively seeking new opportunities. This will give you the opportunity to make genuine connections with people who might be able to help you find your ideal new job.

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