Is the Hiring Process Positive for Your Candidates?

When people apply to work at your company, it’s a major compliment, so you need to treat them well. You can’t hire everyone, but you can make sure every person enjoys a positive candidate experience. If you do this, talented people who don’t get hired the first time will keep applying, because they recognize you’re an employer that respects them.

Candidates talk, so if you make the hiring process miserable, they’ll tell their friends and many will share the details on review sites like Glassdoor. This will tarnish your company’s reputation, and make other professionals think twice about applying to work for you. It could even have a negative impact on business, as candidates treated poorly — and others who hear about their experience — won’t be too eager to buy your products and services.

Use these tips to create a positive hiring process for candidates interested in joining your team.

Create a Seamless Application Process

Finding a job you’re interested in with a challenging, seemingly endless application process is beyond frustrating. At the very least, this will leave candidates exasperated, but it could cause them to give up before completing the application.

Make it user-friendly by allowing candidates to upload their resume, instead of having to fill in countless fields requesting the same information. Optimize it for mobile, and only include required questions that are completely necessary.

Make Sure the Job Description is Accurate

When searching for a new job, there’s nothing worse than making it to the job interview and realizing the position is nothing like what was advertised. Many jobs change with time, so avoid this by rewriting the description every time the position is vacated. Being upfront about the responsibilities associated with the job will save both you and interested candidates precious time.

Proceed in a Timely Manner

People looking for a new job are ready to make a change as soon as possible. If you make the job search drag on for months, they’ll probably give up on it. This can cause you to miss out on top talent and leave candidates feeling discouraged with your organization. Hiring a new employee is a full-time job in itself, so consider taking on a staffing partner to make it move as quickly as possible.

Keep Candidates in the Loop

Stay in contact with candidates throughout the hiring process, so they know exactly where they stand. Being left in the dark isn’t fun, and it’s not fair. Communicate regularly to let people know what’s going on, and when you make a final decision, let everyone else know. It doesn’t feel great to inform someone they didn’t get the job, but doing so is a sign of respect. If possible, provide them with feedback on why they weren’t selected so they can use it to improve their approach for next time.

As one of the top light industrial recruiting firms in the nation, Malone Staffing Solutions is here to help make your hiring process a positive experience for candidates. Contact us today to start your search for an outstanding new team member.


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