Why Are You the Best Candidate?

Job interviews are all about finding the right candidate for the job, so you have to work hard to prove that person is you. Other contenders are probably just as qualified as you, meaning you really have to bring your A-game.

Oftentimes, you’ll be directly asked why you’re the best candidate for the position, so you must be ready with a convincing response. Cover the following three points to explain why you should be selected.

Emphasize Relevant Skills and Experience

You’re a multitalented professional with a lot to offer, but in this context, the only skills and experience that matter are those applicable to the position. Really drive your fit home by focusing exclusively on these elements. Calling out unrelated points will just distract the hiring manager and cause them to question your passion for the work.

Highlight Cultural Fit

Skills can be acquired, but personality traits don’t often change. Consequently, cultural fit is even more important to most companies than skills and experience. Prior to the interview, review the company website, blog, social media sites and any articles written about it online to learn as much as possible about the culture.

Use this information to explain why your personality makes you the optimal choice. For example, if the culture is highly collaborative, explain your preference for teamwork over solo assignments.

Show Enthusiasm

A candidate can have all the right qualifications, but if they don’t really want the job, they won’t succeed. Make it clear you’re excited about the opportunity by displaying positive body language — e.g., smiling and not slouching — asking questions to learn as much as possible about the position and promptly following up with a thank-you note.

Sometimes “Why are you the best candidate?” isn’t asked directly, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to portray it. If the question doesn’t come up in conversation, weave the three elements above into the discussion in a natural-sounding manner to send the message loud and clear.

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