Three Tips to Help Your Team Embrace Change

Change is necessary to keep every company up and running, but new initiatives aren’t always well received by employees. Many people enjoy the comfort of knowing exactly how to complete every task associated with their position, while others fear internal shifts could put their jobs in jeopardy.

As the boss, it’s your job to help the team accept and embrace the unknown. Use these three tips to make them realize change is a good thing.

Keep Them Informed

Employees are most alarmed by change when they’re kept in the dark. Not knowing if their job will change drastically or even be eliminated entirely is understandably unsettling. Resolve this by providing them with regular status updates. Even the slightest tidbit of information can help ease their minds, and knowing you value them enough to keep them posted will mean a lot.

Explain the Reason for the Shift

Change is a lot easier for employees to accept when they understand the reason for it. Let your team know what caused you to launch this new endeavor and what it will mean for them. It’s hard for people to get excited about changes when they don’t know how they’ll personally be impacted. When they’re privy to the goals you’re trying to achieve with the shift and they role they’ll play, they’re much more likely to get onboard.

Ask for Input

Since they’re the ones doing the work, your employees can offer feedback to make the change a huge success. Ask them to review everything from new processes and procedures to goals to see if your plan sets the company up for success. Equally important, involving them in the process will make them feel like part of the shift, instead of something happening around them.

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