How to Make an Impression on Day One of a New Assignment

Starting a new assignment is exciting and admittedly, a bit nerve-wracking. You need to present your very best self, because first impressions hold a lot of weight. The manner in which you behave sets the tone for your tenure with the company, so get off on the right foot.

Arrive Early

Show enthusiasm for the job by getting to the office a few minutes early. This sends the message you’re grateful for the opportunity and eager to get started. It also shows your boss you’re punctual and can be counted on to get to work on time each day.

Look Professional

As the new employee, you’ll be the center of attention on your first day. Appearances hold a lot of weight, so put in extra effort to look your best. Wear clean, ironed, stain-free clothing and take the time to shower, shave and take care of any other necessary grooming matters. Displaying a neat appearance shows respect for the job, the company and yourself.

Have a Positive Attitude

Make it clear you’re happy to be part of the team by being friendly to everyone, smiling a lot and following directions. No one wants to work with a pessimistic person, so just go with the flow. Be adaptable and don’t become discouraged if you make a mistake.

Ask Questions

No one expects you to know the ropes on your first day, so ask as many questions as you need. This is the best way to learn and it shows your desire to get acclimated. It’s much better to ask questions now, than spend the next month trying to figure things out on your own.

Keep Your Personal Life at Home

It’s hard to disconnect from your personal life, but work has to be your sole focus on the first day of a new job. Let your friends and family know you won’t be available during work hours as taking personal calls sends the wrong message.

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