How a Focus on Attracting Talent May Cause Retention Issues

Your company is in a period of growth, which is very exciting. To support this expansion, you’ve been focusing much of your efforts on recruiting, because you can’t hire new talent fast enough these days.

Hiring is a very time-intensive process. If you’re not careful, it can easily consume most of your day, leaving little time for your existing workforce. Long-time staffers understand the need to hire new employees, but this can become problematic if they start to feel neglected.

The last thing you want is the people who made your company a success to leave, because their needs have taken a backseat to hiring. Your team needs you, so leave the talent scouting to the recruiting experts.

4 Benefits of Taking on a Recruiting Partner

Reduce Turnover

You can’t afford to lose your long-term employees. Turnover costs an average of one-fifth of an employee’s annual salary, according to a survey conducted by the Center for American Progress. Handing over recruiting activities to a staffing partner adds much-needed time back into your day, so your existing team always feels like a top priority.

Hire Faster

Since you’re balancing the recruiting process with a demanding full-time job, your hiring process probably isn’t the speediest. On the flip side, recruiters focus exclusively on hiring, so they work quickly. Your best-fit candidate might already be in your partner’s recruiting pool, but if not, they’ll track them down in no time at all.

Find Top Talent

As hiring experts, recruiters know where to look to find the best candidates. Frequently, these people are already employed, but willing to change jobs for the right opportunity. Passive candidates aren’t scanning job postings, so your recruiter is the only way to connect with them.

Do It All

When you team up with a recruiter, you get the best of both worlds — happy, engaged long-term staffers and talented new hires. Rather than trying to balance a rigorous hiring process with your job, you’ll simply meet with your recruiter’s top picks and make your final choice.

Whether you’re searching for logistics professionals in Nashville or distribution workers in Monroe, Malone Staffing Solutions is a recruiting partner you can trust. Leave the talent sourcing to us, so you can focus on your existing workforce. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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