Why Empathy is a Trait You Want in Every Employee

When hiring, empathy probably doesn’t top your list of must-haves for potential hires, but it should. Empathetic people care about their colleagues. They’re aware of how their actions impact others, and they want to be a positive force on the team.

People with the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes are less prone to conflict, have a better ability to manager stress, and are generally more satisfied at work. They’re also excellent team players, because they don’t mind pitching in wherever they’re needed.

How to Hire for Empathy

Getting to know a candidate is the best way to gauge their emotional intelligence. Behavioral interview questions offer telling insights about the person’s past, serving as a key indicator of how they’ll react in the future.

  1. In the past, how have you supported a colleague going through a rough patch?

This question highlights the candidate’s level of compassion. Empathetic people understand the importance of being kind to someone having a tough time at work or at home. Whether this means pitching in to do a little extra work, so the person can focus on the problem plaguing them or just being extra nice to them, you want someone with a supportive nature.

  1. Describe a time when you had to tell a co-worker something they didn’t want to hear.

Empathetic people don’t enjoy seeing other people suffer. This question reveals how the candidate approaches a subject they know will upset the other person. You want someone who sympathizes with the other person and does their best to relay the information gently. Anyone who just blurts the news out and expects the other person to deal with it is insensitive.

  1. Explain how you react when someone comes to you with a problem?

You need a candidate with the ability to listen to a problem and use solid reasoning to solve it. If the person mentions wanting to make sure they’re not blamed or gets defensive, their emotional intelligence is probably not very high. It’s important to hire someone focused on solving problems, instead of pointing fingers.

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