Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Prior to making a hiring decision, employers want to learn as much as possible about you, including why you left your last job. Or if you’re currently employed, they’ll want to know what prompted you to start looking for work.

Your reply answers several questions for the employer, including if you left voluntarily and on good terms. It also shares a glimpse at your values, which can offer clues at how you’ll mesh with the company culture.

Be Positive

It doesn’t matter how much you hated your last boss, keep this and any other negative tidbits to yourself. Your complaints may be legit, but criticizing a current or previous employer makes you appear angry and spiteful. The hiring manager will also assume you’ll eventually turn on their company as well and speak poorly of their organization in a future job interview.

Tell the Truth

Sharing the brutal truth by speaking negatively about a former employer doesn’t work, but you do need to be honest. For example, if you were fired from your last job, humble yourself and confess. Before you’re offered the job, the hiring manager will learn the truth, and it sounds a lot better coming from you. Put a positive spin on the situation by explaining what you learned so it’s clear you won’t make the same mistake twice.

Highlight Key Accomplishments

A job interview is a time to talk yourself up, so use this opportunity to brag a little. For example, you might say you left your last job because you felt like you accomplished everything you set out to do. Then list a few of your top achievements and explain how much you enjoyed working with your former colleagues.

Don’t Dwell on the Past

This interview question is important, but master it quickly and move on. You’re there to discuss your fit for this specific opportunity — not lead the interviewer down memory lane. A brief response that covers all the bases is the best approach.

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