How Can Your Contingent and Full-Time Workforce Work Together?

Contingent associates can be prove monumentally helpful to your team. Whether they’re filling in during a busy season or helping with vacation coverage, hiring these professionals is a savvy way to enjoy a healthy bottom line.

The only problem is, contingent workers and full-time staffers don’t always mesh. Be aware of this and put extra forth extra effort to help them bond.

Explain the need for your contingent labor workforce

If no clarification is provided, the arrival of contingent associates will confuse employees and make them feel threatened. Well before the start date, gather your team together to inform them of the impending arrival and explain why you decided to take this route. When people understand that contingent employees are there to help, not take their jobs, they’ll get onboard.

Clearly define each person’s role

Tensions rise when contingent employees inadvertently step on the toes of their full-time counterparts, so nip this in the bud by making each person’s responsibilities clear. Work with your full-time staff to divide up tasks before contingent employees’ first day to get things off to a smooth start.

Use the buddy system

It takes contingent associates a little while to learn the ropes, so pair them up with a full-time employee who can help them get acquainted. This will form a sense of comradery, helping forge bonds in record time.

Treat everyone equally                                                         

As the boss, employees look to you for guidance, so set a precedent by treating contingent staffers the same as everyone else. Invite them staff meetings, ask them for input, and include them in all team activities. Full-time employees will follow your lead and regard contingent associates as their equal.

Plan team-building events to help employees bond

Help employees get to know each other by organizing regular team outings. Taking everyone out of the office for lunches, happy hours and other fun activities allows them to relax and focus on getting to know one another as people. It’s much easier for employees to work together when they truly care about their peers and feel comfortable with one another.

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