Onboarding Tips to Help Contingent Employees Reach their Potential

They might only be part of your team for a limited time, but if you give them the chance, contingent employees can make a positive impact. The value you’ll get from this staffing arrangement completely depends on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to commit.

Just as with any new hire, contingent employees need your support to thrive. Proper onboarding sets the tone for a successful tenure, so get them on the right path from day one.

Provide the same training as everyone else

Many managers make the mistake of not putting contingent employees through standard company orientation because they’re not a permanent fixture on the roster. This move might save a little time and money in the short term, but it will cost you in the long run.

Despite the nature of their employment, contingent employees are working on behalf of your business. You can’t expect them to produce the same quality of work as everyone else, if they haven’t received adequate training.

Give the proper tools

Just as the rest of your team, contingent employees need a proper workstation, well-maintained equipment and access to necessary systems to do their jobs right. Provide them with the same quality tools as everyone else, because anything less puts them at a disadvantage.

Prior to the person’s first day, determine what they’ll need and make the necessary arrangements to have it in place for their arrival. This will make them feel appreciated and ensure no time is wasted waiting for pertinent items to become available.

Assign a mentor

Getting acclimated to any job takes time, so help contingent employees adjust by pairing them with a mentor. This person can provide valuable feedback and serve as a resource for any questions, comments and concerns. Most people don’t feel comfortable going to the boss every time they need something, so this system will be much-appreciated.

Welcome them to the team

Since they’re not a long-term part of the team, contingent employees often feel isolated, which can have a negative impact their performance. Avoid this by giving them a warm welcome. Prior to their arrival, let the rest of your staff know they’ll be joining, and take them out for a group lunch on their first day. Make a point to include them in all team happenings, so they feel valued.

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